Barbara Archer-Baldwin, PSA
Passionate about sharing the beauty of Nature with you
Paintings Available
All the art below is for sale, unless marked "sold".  There is a price for unframed work. This will be ready for framing, shipped safely so the pastel will not be damaged. Some are offered framed, and you can also contact me for photos of the painting as I have framed it, and get a quote for that, plus shipping. If you love a painting already sold, contact me  and I will send similar images, if available. I can also create exactly what you are looking for.  Prices are usually for the piece unframed. If interested, please message me. I work through PayPal on all sales.
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  1.       Dawn Glory #2
    Dawn Glory #2
    10" x 13" image. Gorgeous sunrise, or sunset, if you like, over a lake. Or your river perhaps? $300 unframed
  2.          Picnic by the Pond"
    Picnic by the Pond"
    16' x 12", mother and daughter, enjoying a sunny day by the cool pond $350.00
  3.      Flying Out for Breakfast
    Flying Out for Breakfast
    Great Blue Heron, flying over a quiet river, hunting for breakfast in the early morning. 14" x 11", unframed, in a clear sleeve, $250..00
  4.                   Looking South
    Looking South
    9" x 12" $295.00
  5.                 Library Lilies No 3
    Library Lilies No 3
    Lily pond painting in lovely 2" wide silver frame . Image 8" x 11" SOLD
  6. Dawn Glory #1
    Dawn Glory #1
    9" x 12" image, a beautiful sunset or sunrise, your choice! $275 Unframed
  7. "The Boy on the Bus: First Snow 2"
    "The Boy on the Bus: First Snow 2"
    9" x 12".a boy on a bus in sight of his first snow. Enthralled, $300.00
  8. Spring in the Forest
    Spring in the Forest
    9' x 12" Birch or Aspen? You decide. $225.00
  9. "Early Beach Shadows No 3"
    "Early Beach Shadows No 3"
    Long shadows and fingers of early sunlight at the beach ", 8'" x 12", $275.00
  10. "The Piano Tuner: Close Enough for Jazz"
    "The Piano Tuner: Close Enough for Jazz"
    9' x 12" fun view of a frantic piano tuner at a jazz festival, needing to keep half a dozen pianos in tune 24/7 for 5 days! Unframed, $300
  11. Rio Grand Flowers
    Rio Grand Flowers
    8" x 10" painting of flowers by a river. $225.00 unframed

What People Say

What my customers say about my artwork
  1. Testimonials
    I love the painting I bought from you. Really makes me smile every time I see it. K. S. You're always a "wiiiiner" to me! I'm honored to own your work. Planning on more! S.R.
  2. Testimonials
    We have a collection of Barbara's paintings, and love them all. Will probably buy more! D &D.C These paintings are exquisite.They are luminous, and somehow combine looseness with accuracy. That's pretty damn special. JC B
  3. Testimonials
    Beautiful collection of lotus paintings, Barbara. You are one of the hardest working artists we know. T.L. I see this painting everyday as I work in my kitchen, it always makes me smile. MKL
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