Barbara Archer-Baldwin, PSA
Passionate about sharing the beauty of Nature with you
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Artist & Teacher​​
My paintings will help to make your home more beautiful. 
My love of Nature and my passion for
painting it combine to create beautiful art for your life.

Let My art Enhance Your Home and Enrich Your Life

My love of Nature, my feeling of one-ness with the Universe, and a drive to share this beauty with others, is my primary reason for creating my art.  Browse through my galleries,  and I am sure one or more images will "speak" to you. I paint primarily in a fairly realistic style, leaning towards the Impressionists at times. 
Original Art
Every painting is an original, created either en plein air (outdoors, from life) , or in the studio, using my own photos, or 'real' still lifes, or a combination of the two.
My Subjects
I find my subjects anywhere and everywhere, and they include seascapes, the woods and forests, the countryside, as well as natural still lifes.

For the Love of Nature

Original Pastel Paintings, by Barbara Archer-Baldwin
I am proud to present a selection of my original pastel paintings for your enjoyment, and, hopefully, your purchase!
I have been creating all my life, painting in pastels for the last 12 years.  Prior to that, I painted in oil and acrylic. Still do, on occasion, and if I create something I love with them, I will present it here.
I am a classically trained artist, and have been practicing my craft for over 50 years. My love affair with Nature is even longer...from the first time I waded in the creek at home at age 3! My need to share this love drives my art.
Please see my "About" page, visit the "Gallery" and the "My Jewelry" pages, and use the "Contact" page  for any questions or comments, and purchase information.  Watch for my Blog..sharing my ideas and some step-by-steps of my work, etc, coming in the near future.
I look forward to hearing from you.
My first choice of materials for my paintings are Terry Ludwig pastels. I may occasionally do some touches with Unisons, Schminkes, and/or Nupastels. My favorite surfaces are Uart 400, and Pastel Premier. I have a coveted supply of Wallis Museum white, which I use for extra special projects.